Wire Anglersfish

I've always enjoyed working with wire; in fact, whenever I finish using a notebook, I make sure to carefully remove the wire spine for potential use in other projects. This was the perfect opportunity to utilize this highly versatile material.

Wire makes it much easier to design intricate shapes, and it's quite forgiving. Additionally, its metallic appearance produces an industrial quality that can be combined with other materials to achieve a more lifelike look.

Animals capable of generating their own light have always piqued my interest, and the anglerfish was the ideal candidate for the sculpture I had envisioned. I must admit, I really wanted to incorporate LEDs into this project as well.

The green color creates such a nice contrast with the dark background, producing a mysterious effect, almost alien-like, which is precisely what I was aiming for.

It took me several hours to craft this piece, beginning with the frame and then carefully adding thiner gauge wire to create the 'skin.' It was all worth it, this stands as one of my favorite sculptures.